Services & Prices

If you require any furher info, a chat or even advice…drop us a mail on
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Single Master £35 (Album + EP Negotiated)

We will take your idea and mixdown, and make it shine and punch, we can tailor your full master to your needs if thats commercial or club. We will keep strictly in line with your creative flow, and make sure we preserve your mix whilst making it well balance, great sounding and ready for people to hear. The single master service will give you full creative control to make sure your happy with the results and you will be in full contact with our engineers.

Stem Master £65

Becoming a popular choice with the rate technology is making things easier..STEM mastering is where you provide us with your track mixed down into a small amount of groups of tracks IE: Kick Percussion Synths Lead. When doing this we have the option of a much more refined master, as when mastering things change and theres only so much we can do, with stems we can take that a step further as we have much more control over the medium we are working with.

Mixing Down (£ Contact)

We also offer the service of mixing down your track from the project or all the tracks exported, we work in constant contact with you as we sculpt your artistic idea into a pre master and we can even do this remotely via the internet and send it back to you. We will work your track to really bring out the magic. With our expertise based in House, Disco and Techno we are in a prime position to offer our tight mixes to your top hits!

Dj Mix / Demo & Podcast Master (£ Contact)

We also offer full mastering services for mix Cd’s and Albums, no matter if you have just finished your new demo and are looking for gigs, or you are hoping to make a big impact with your new commercially available mix cd. We can make you stand out in the crowd.
We will work alongside you and with you in a bespoke arrangement that suits your needs no matter how Easy….or Perfect you want to make it.

Other Audio Services (£ Contact)

We also offer many other services and jobs for when you need a professional studio. Be it for bulk editing, cleaning up noise or consultation on a particular issue. Please get in touch.