Welcome to the Feel-Audio website.

Feel Audio are specialists in mastering modern house, techno and disco be it for the clubs or for home listening. We provide services to master and perfect your record for all formats including Vinyl and Any Digital format.

We pride ourselves in working as much with our clients as for them, so there will be no nameless overnight masters who return a file mastered with no input from yourself. Throughout the mastering or mixing process you will be in full contact with our engineers and will have as much opporunity to give input as you need.

We draw upon the combination of years of experience in our field alongside our exacting attention to detail and passion for great music and great ideas. This allows us to scale our involvement in your project to your needs.

We live in a world saturated with cheap quick music which can often grow old very quickly, the feel-audio approach prefers to look for nuance, attention to detail and balance in your music. So your song has every chance of becoming a classic.

Mastered for Wolf Music, this track by KRL is downloadable in full WAV from Soundcloud. A great way to check out the Feel-Audio Sound.

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